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As a family owned business, Larway Transportation recognizes the importance of providing a supportive and friendly work environment. Respect for drivers and providing a healthy balance between life on the road and family living is part of our culture. Our drivers agree:

Larway Transportation

Kyle has been driving for Larway for 5 years. "A good outfit," says Kyle "They are very fair and willing to work with you, you're a name, not a number." As the city driver Kyle has a lot of dealings with dispatch, a department he claims to be very accommodating and on the ball. Kyle has personally referred half a dozen drivers onto the team.
Larway Transportation

Carl, an experienced driver of 11 years is a recent addition to the Larway team. "They treat you like a person," he said, "they don't run you until you are tired and burnt out." Carl confirms that Larway provides a good balance between family time and time on the road. Further, Carl states that they are very accommodating and flexible. "Larway was able to give me what I wanted."
Larway Transportation

Doug joined Larway in 2003 after less than a year as a licensed A-Z driver. Previously a driver for an airport shuttle service, he became a transport driver to increase his income. "I came onboard with Larway because I wanted to be on a payroll. They're a great bunch of people to get along with, they try to accommodate your concerns." Doug is the 1st place President's Elite Fleet driver for 2005.
Larway Transportation David has been driving transport for 35 years. "I've been with Larway for 4 years," says David "our freight moves pretty quick." David is impressed with the top of the line equipment, the regular maintenance program and the quick response to driver needs. "The staff and management are friendly, everyone cares".

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Note: All images and photos are actual Larway Transportation employees, equipment and assets.


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