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Mission Statement
Larway Transportation is committed to earning and sustaining your confidence in everything we do.

A Mission Statement becomes the guiding principles focusing company direction and performance. It is the acid test used to measure the validity of decisions and actions. The Mission Statement is the flag all company members rally around and support.

For Larway Transportation the flag is "Confidence"

Our longevity, professional experience, financial strength and integrity afford us complete confidence in the services we provide to industry and the opportunities we can offer our employees.

with Confidence
Larry Labatt
Catherine Labatt
Stuart Pound
Larway Transportation

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Larway Transportation

Confidence: Definition as it relates to Larway Transportation

  noun 1: the belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.
2: self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one's abilities.
3: the sharing of corporate information or secrets with mutual trust.

Internal / External Customers:

Great external customer service depends on excellent internal customer service.

- External Customer: the client who requests a service and pays for it. External customers have the choice to continue using your service or take their business elsewhere.

- Internal Customer: Anyone within the organization (co-worker or another department) who depends on another member to provide products or services which are then utilized to create a deliverable to the external customer.

- Service Provider: (internal or external to the organization) who supplies a product or service.

Note: the key to providing outstanding internal customer service is to ensure excellent communication and cooperation exists between departments.

Larway Transportation is a team oriented organization that values open communication, innovative thought and cooperative work effort.



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